Meet Juliana from Steiger Family Farms

Choosing joy in the everyday life of creating a homestead, raising livestock, and cooking food from scratch.

Juliana standing in front of sink in farmhouse kitchen

Hello, I’m Juliana

Welcome to Steiger Family Farms! I am a mom, equestrian, and homesteader. I hope that you will follow along as my family builds our homestead and enjoy some of our healthy and fresh recipes along the way.

My husband, David and I, just purchased our first home, a 1900 farmhouse on an acre and a half. For the first two years of our marriage, we lived in a two bedroom apartment, but it didn’t stop us from starting what has grown into Steiger Family Farms. In 2018, we rented a few acres of pasture land, built a fence, and purchased our first two feeder calves, comically named Chuck and Norris. Since then, we have purchased two additional feeder calves every spring, started cutting our own hay, and added chickens to our farm.

About Me

I grew up in your typical suburban neighborhood with one sister and one brother. My dad served in the Navy and my mom homeschooled my siblings and I till we reached middle school. While most of our neighbors had pools in the backyard, we planted a large garden every summer. My mom taught us not only how to read and write, but how to grow food, cook, sew, and follow our ambitions.

I earned my degree in Equine Business Management from St. Andrews University. Training horses and teaching lessons was my very first job and remains my biggest passion. I still own my childhood horse, Charlie Brown, and my daughter enjoys riding with me.

I love cooking from scratch. If my husband mentions a snack or something he likes from the store, there is a good chance I will find out how to make it myself from whole, nutritious ingredients.

I was gluten intolerant from middle school to my early twenties, but learning how to cook and bake with sourdough has changed my recipes forever!

I love to grow a garden every summer and carry on my mother’s tradition.

A Few Fun Facts About Me:

  • I competed at the Intercollegiate Dressage Association National Competition in 2018 with the St. Andrews Dressage Team.
  • When I was a kid my parents refused to buy me a puppy, so I bought a kitten with my own money. To this day she still lives with my parents because my husband, David, is allergic and my dad absolutely spoils her.
  • I started my own business training horses and teaching lessons while away at college at the age of 19.
  • I’ve never had a cup of coffee. I am a morning person and have never needed that caffeine kick. If I did drink coffee though, I am sure it would be full of creamer because I have a major sweet tooth.

Our Family

Man holding flyspray facing cows


Wonderful father and loving husband, he is the foundation of Steiger Family Farms. It was his vision and determination that led to the purchase of our first two steers, Chuck and Norris. His resilience and whit has kept us moving forward in the creation of our homestead.

Juliana holding 6 month old daughter squatting in the garden planting seeds


Mother and content creator behind the camera. She has been an entrepreneur from her youth with starting a business in the horse industry to now bringing value from her homestead to your home.

Little girl standing in front of yellow farmhouse on gravel driveway


The true manager of operations here on the homestead. She is a joyful and brave girl and loves being outside with all of the animals. You can see lots of her adventures over on my Instagram.